IAVCEI, Commission of Volcanic Lakes
8th Workshop on Volcanic Lakes, Japan 2013
25th to 28th July for workshop, and 29th to 31th July for optional tour


14th July 2013
The schedule of workshop was updated.

9th July 2013
We have a business meeting for discussion on the workshop and other issues at the conference site.
The time and place is, 23th July (during IAVCEI 2013 general assembly) 19:00-21:00, Room A2, respectively

24th April, 2013
The deadline of abstract and grant application submission has been postponed to 7th May. Please submit your Crater lake research !

24th April, 2013
Due to the inconvenience of Ozu town meeting room, we have changed the place of conference. On 26th July, the conference will be held at a meeting room in Tokai University Space Information Center where is very close to Kumamoto airport. On 28th July, the conference will be held at a meeting room in Kumamoto Gender equality center, where is the central part of Kumamoto city. To reach Kumamoto airport it will take about 30 min by taxi or bus.

15th April, 2013
We prepare both of oral and poster sessions. Please indicate your preference when you submit your abstract.

8th April, 2013
Grant is available. We have accepted grants from IAVCEI and Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo. The grant is shared for the persons who needs financial support to attend and present his or her research. In principle, we prefer a) young researchers, b) researchers from developing countries without financial support by their organization. Please submit the following application form with your abstract until 7th May to cvl8japan@gmail.com
Application form for grant
Expected amount of grant
50,000 JPY for the person who attend only the Aso main section (first half of CVL8, 25th to 28th July).
100,000 JPY for the person who attend both of Aso and Hokkaido sections (25th to 31th July).
If the number of person who request the grant is small, the above amount may be increased slightly.

5th Mar. 2013
Please send your mail to cvl8japan@gmail.com if you only participate the workshop on Volcanic Lakes without the participation at IAVCEI general assembly, because you can not registrate in the case you do not registrate for IAVCEI general assembly. Instead of you we registrate for the workshop on Volcanic Lakes.

1th Mar. 2013
Abstraction format
Information on the transport to Narita and Haneda airports on 28th July after the end of first part of CVL meeting.

Lake Yudamari, in the Nakadake crater, Aso volcano (8th May 2012)

Dear colleagues interested in Volcanic Crater lakes

I would like to invite you to join the 8th Workshop on Volcanic Lakes, Japan 2013. The former workshop (7th) was held at Costa Rica in 2010 hosted by the researchers in University of Costa Rica and National University. I sincerely thank their hard work and kindness to all of the participants. The 7th workshop was planned and carried out with the strong initiative of Dr. D Rouwet and he has been selected to be the new leader of Commission of Volcanic Lakes (CVL), the subcommittee of International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of Earth Interior (IAVCEI). At the 7th workshop, the Japanese group proposed the 8th workshop at Aso volcano of Japan in 2013. Fortunately, the proposal was accepted by the majority of participants.
The area around Japan has been called as “far east”. Really Japan is the remote place for the people in north and south American continents, Europe and Africa. One convenient factor for the 8th workshop is the subsequent holding just after the IAVCEI general assembly in Kagoshima Japan. You can join also IAVCEI general assembly prior to the workshop. A session on volcanic crater lake is planned in the assembly.
The Aso volcano and the crater lake is the main target of this workshop. Aso volcano is the complex of many central cones and huge surrounding caldera rim. The Nakadake peak is one of the central cones, hosting a deep pit crater in which high temperature and hyper acidic lake water has been sustained. At the previous workshops, we have usually sampled lake water by ourselves for inter-laboratory comparison in terms of chemical and isotopic analysis. Due to the deepness and steepness on the inner wall of Nakadake crater, the direct sampling is not easy and dangerous. We need to limit our activities around the lake, and they would be visual observation and a safe remote sensing.
The sampling is also our great pleasure. Then we can sample lake waters at Kirishima volcanic area although the concentration of magmatic component in the water is low. As the active volcanic lake water, we can touch and sample the water at Lake Oyunuma in Noboribetsu spa, Hokkaido island, where is the place of optional tour after the main body of workshop. Lake Oyunuma is very interesting because the water temperature of bottom water is higher than 100C and molten sulfur is kept at the bottom.
Anyway, we can discuss and share the hot result of your research, inspired by the variety of features on crater lakes in Japan. I hope you should join the 8th workshop at Aso and Noboribetsu, and enjoy the nature in Japan and taste the various foods in Japan.


for workshop
New Abstract submission : 7th May 2013.
Early Registration : 1th May 2013 ( on IAVCEI 2013 web page, http://www.iavcei2013.com/)

for IAVCEI 2013
Early Registration : 1th May 2013 ( on IAVCEI 2013 web page)


Main workshop : Aso volcano, Kyushu Island, Japan
Optional tour : Noboribetu spa and Usu volcano, Hokkaido Island, Japan

1. Studies on mitigation of hazard involving crater lakes
2. Geochemical study on crater lakes
3. Geophysical study on crater lakes
4. Limunological study on crater lake
5. Hydrological study involving crater lake
* Studies other than the above list are also welcome.

Field work
1. Several crater lakes in Kirishima volcanic area
2. Nakadake peak of Aso volcao with Lake Yudamari
3. Geothermal area of Aso volcano
4. Noboribetsu spa with crater lake
5. Geothermal area of Usu volcano


Year : 2013

23th July (during IAVCEI 2013 general assembly)

CVL business meeting 19:00-21:00, Room A2

25th July

The participant gather at the parking of "Terukuni Shrine" (Lat/Long, 31.594557,130.551374)
We start at AM 9:00 being on board a large bus. Please come to the parking of "Terukuni Shrine" before AM9:00.

We visit the following places.
You can see the photos taken at the places for field trip and conference.

1. Shinyu spa ((Lat/Long, 31.900496,130.854442). We can see the summit area of Mt. Shinmoe where a plinian eruption took place in January 2011. You can see the devastated forest on the flank.

2. Ebino visitor center (Lat/Long, 31.945808,130.843016)
There is a crater lake "Fudou-ike" near the parking of the center. Mt. Iwoyama (Lat/Long, 31.947319,130.85323) is also close to the parking. At Iwoyama, fumarolic gas discharge can be observed.

3. Lake Miike (Lat/Long, 31.882682,130.975678)
The maar of Lake Miike is estimated to be developed 4.5x10^3 years ago. The maximum depth of lake is about 90m. The water is very clean. The swimming is prohibited. We can rent a small boat with JPY 900 for 1 hour. Only two persons can be on board. The boat is not stable. If you sample the lake water, do not stand up on the boat. All of the works for sampling should be done with sitting. The lake water is a good sample for the intercomparison of analytical chemistry. The local organizing committee brings a small Niskin sampler with loop, by which a water at depth can be sampled.

We may arrive at Vessel Hotel (Kumamoto Airport) ((Lat/Long, 32.875659,130.853176) in early evening.
After the check-in, the registration is carried out. The registration fee is collected. Please prepare the fee in JPY cash.

26th July

Conference at the Meeting room in Tokai University Space Information Center ((Lat/Long, 32.836282,130.869741)
We start the hotel at AM 8:30. The conference start at AM 9:30. A lunch box is provided.

27th July

Field trip to the hyper acidic hot lake on Nakadake peak of Aso volcano (Lat/Long, 32.885011,131.08494).
You need a helmet and gas mask effective to SO2 and H2S gases to approach the edge of pit crater of the lake. You can borrow a helmet but no gas mask. If you can not bring a gas mask, we can sell you at JPY 3000. Please inform us your request in advance. The sampling of the lake water is dangerous. We do not sample the lake water in this field trip.

After the observation of lake, we move to Yunotani geothermal area. We probably sample a acidic water including magmatic components at Suzume-jugoku (Lat/Long, 32.878776,131.034054).
In evening, we have a dinner together at a restaurant near Vessel Hotel.

28th July

Conference at the Meeting room in Kumamoto Gender Equality center (the central area of Kumamoto city)(http://harmony-mimoza.org/) (Lat/Long, 32.819541,130.719849).  We have a business meeting for discussion on the issues of CVL. The main body of workshop ends, followed by the additional tour to Hokkaido Island. The participant attending the optional tour move to Fukuoka city by bus.
We are expecting the official meeting will end at 12:30. You can check the time table of transport to Narita and Haneda (Tokyo Japan).

 --Optional tour in Hokkaido Island--

Photos taken at the place of field trip in Hokkaido island

 29th July

Moving from Fukuoka (Kyushu-Island) to Chitose (Hokkaido-island) by a flight (ANA 289 11:55-14:10).We visit to Lake Kuttara (Lat/Long, 42.493666,141.169778) and arrive at Hotel Manseikaku (Lat/Long, 42.491621,141.144217) in Noboribetu spa.

30th July

We sample the lake water at Lake Ooyunum (Lat/Long, 42.501901,141.146325) and Lake Taishoujigoku (Lat/Long, 42.501163,141.144217). Both of the lake water are acidic. The temperature of Ooyunuma is about 40C. The temperature of Taishoujigoku may be high as 80C.
Dr. T. Abiko will guide us for Ooyunuma and Taishoujigoku. He was a assistant professor of Muroran Institute of Technology. He has continued the periodical observation of lake water over 40 years.
After the field trip at Noboribetsu spa, we move to Toya spa to stay Hotel
Toya Sun Palace (http://karakami-kankou.jp/en/sp/)(Lat/Long, 42.565535,140.83329)

31th July

We visit Nishiyama geothermal area (Lat/Long, 42.555514,140.799665) with small pond generated after the recent eruption of Usu volcano.  We can sample lake water at Konpira crater (Lat/Long, 42.557775,140.811467). After the sampling, we move to a parking close to Mt. Showashinzan to look at the lava dome, then move to Chitose airport to break up the optional tour.


Workshop at Aso volcano : 45,000 Yen per person
Optional tour in Hokkaido Island: 50,000 Yen per person.

The registration fee is collected on the web site of IAVCEI 2013 (http://www.iavcei2013.com/index.html ). You are allowed to attend Aso workshop with no attendance at IAVCEI 2013. In the case, please inform it to cvl8japan@gmail.com .

The coverage by the fee is summarized in the following Table, where the circle means the inclusion in the fee. The most of your meal, staying in hotel and transportation are included in the fee.

Please notice, the one way flight ticket between Fukuoka (FUK) and Chitose (CTS) is not included in the fee. It will costs about 25,400 Yen. On your behalf, we arrange the flight after registration.

The room in the hotel during Aao workshop is basically twin room. We ask you share room with friend. Single room is available with additional charge (2000 Yen for one night). The additional charge will be collected on site.
The room of the hotel in the optional tour will be Japanese style, where 4 or 5 persons stay together. No single room is available in the optional tour.

Table. Coverage by registration fee

Format (within Two pages)
Please send your abstract as attached documents (MSWord or PDF) to cvl8japan@gmail.com before 7th May 2013.
When you send the abstract, inform your preference on the style of presentation, oral or poster.

MAP ( in preparation)

Ozu Town, Kumamoto airport and the train station close to the meeting place.
Kirishima volcano
Aso volcano
Noboribetsu spa
Usu volcano


Eruptive history of Kirishima and Aso volcanoes
Magma hydrothermal system of Aso volcano
Noboribetsu spa
Usu volcano


Takeshi OHBA (Tokai Univ. Japan) (takeshi_ohba@tokai-u.jp)
Yasuo MIYABUCHI (Kumatomo Univ. Japan)
Akihiko TERADA (Tokyo Inst. Tech. Japan)
Issa (Tokai Univ. / IRGM), Japan
M. Jude (Tokai Univ. Japan)
B. Chako (Tokai Univ. Japan)
M. Kusakabe (Toyama Univ. Japan)


Dmitri Rouwet (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Bologna Branch, Italy)
Bruce Christenson (GNS science, New Zealand)
Franco Tassi (Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy)
Agnes Mazot (GNS science, New Zealand)
Takeshi OHBA (Tokai Univ. Japan) (takeshi_ohba@tokai-u.jp)


Leader : Dmitri Rouwet (Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV) Bologna Branch, Italy)
Secretary : Takeshi Ohba (Tokai University, Japan)
Web master : Alain Bernard (Universite Libre de Bruxelles (ULB), Brussels, Belgium)




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